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A recent Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) ‘train the trainer’ workshop at GOTAFE Shepparton on 28 February provided training and education on the pest to 20 Lions Club members.

Ten Lions Clubs from across the Goulburn Murray Valley region were represented through selected members who are now trained to deliver QFF education sessions to local schools within their communities.

Key components of the training and induction workshop included trap making, control and prevention in the home garden, general education about the pest and the risk it poses to the region’s horticulture industry.

Goulburn Murray Valley Regional Fruit Fly Co-ordinator Ross Abberfield described the workshop as an important part of the Queensland Fruit Fly Schools Education Program, which is made possible through the continued partnership with Lions International and the Goulburn Murray Valley Regional Queensland Fruit Fly Project.

“By joining forces and working together with Lions International we are able to increase the community’s awareness about fruit fly and take our message to a greater portion of the community,” Mr Abberfield said.

“This Schools Education Program has been successful in combining community engagement with education and increased awareness to help reduce the spread of fruit fly and protect against the pest,’ he said.

For more information on QFF control and prevention visit www.gmv-qldfruitfly.com.au

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