Early harvesting

Harvest produce early

Plant and harvest early if possible, to remove host fruit before fruit fly numbers have built up. Harvesting prior to ripening removes fruit from trees reducing the opportunity for the female fruit fly to lay its eggs. Keep an eye on your fruit as fruit fly will sting green fruit.

Good garden hygiene is essential in controlling the pest and involves picking your fruit as it ripens. collecting and destroying rotting or unwanted host produce on the ground or on the tree, and destroying rotting or unwanted fruit and vegetables.

Unwanted host fruit can be destroyed by placing it in the freezer or microwave to kill maggots. Fruit can also be destroyed by placing it in a sealed plastic bag and leaving it in the sun for 5-7 days before throwing it out. Only once the fruit or vegetable has been treated should it be discarded in your rubbish bin. Placing untreated fruit and vegetable in your rubbish or green bin may cause a new infestation in another area. Do not put untreated produce in your compost or worm farm as this will allow for the continuation of the QFF cycle.

Harvesting your fruit and vegetables early where possible is a simple and effective way to limit opportunities for infestation.