Populations monitored through regional trapping grid

Fruit fly populations are tracked through an extensive regional trapping grid made up of approximately 450 traps, spread across 42 separate locations throughout the Goulburn Murray Valley region.

The regional trapping grid is used to identify emerging fruit fly ‘hotspots’ and allows for the monitoring of populations. Once a ‘hotspot’ or area of concern is identified, Field Officers are deployed to assist affected land owners implement a series of integrated control measures, necessary to control the hotspot and curb the spread of the pest.

Data captured and collated through the grid is interpreted by an independent researcher and disseminated to growers and the broader community.

The trapping grid allows for real time identification of when and where population build up is occurring. This monitoring method results in current and historical data which allows for the implementation of targeted management activities.

Understanding how fruit fly can be managed and how its impacts can be reduced allows strategies to be matched to findings and established patterns.

SITplus Radii Trapping Grid – Cobram

SITplus Radii Trapping Grid – Cobram