Summer spike

Queensland fruit fly numbers are on the rise and will continue to steadily increase throughout summer. It is important home gardeners, property owners and growers are fruit fly ready and have activated their control strategies as we enter the peak growing season.

Stop the spread of fruit fly

There is no single action that will stop fruit fly – a combination of different measures is required. Anyone with a fruit tree or veggie patch can help stop the spread by undertaking a few simple control measures:

  • Protect with netting, bags or sleeves to prevent fruit fly reaching your fruit
  • Inspect fruit regularly
  • Prune your trees to keep them to a manageable height
  • Pick and remove fallen or rotten fruit and carefully dispose of damaged fruit
  • Use traps to monitor and catch fruit fly
  • Apply baits or insecticides sprays to reduce populations
  • Remove unwanted fruit trees and replace with non fruiting alternatives

Free fruit tree removal program open

The removal of unmanaged fruit fly habitat eliminates potential breeding grounds and is an effective option to control fruit fly. If you have a fruit tree you no longer want or can’t manage, have it removed free of charge through the free Fruit Tree Removal Program. By removing unwanted fruit trees and host plants, it is harder for fruit fly to find suitable habitat to lay eggs and breed. Pick up an application form from participating council’s customer service centre or visit

Extra vigilance required

A number of locations have been identified as sites of concern through the Goulburn Murray Valley regional trapping grid. If you live in or near the below potential hot spot locations, place monitoring traps out and check nearby ripening, ripe or overripe fruit for the presence of fruit fly.

Locations requiring extra vigilance include:

• Kyabram

• Shepparton

• Mooroopna

• Tatura


Fruit fly control

Fruit fly control across home gardens, urban properties and orchards will help reduce the spread of fruit fly across our region. Fruit fly breed and multiply in numbers extremely quickly, so taking steps to prevent the spread of fruit fly is essential.