Autumn activity

Queensland fruit fly numbers across the Goulburn Murray Valley remain high and are expected to increase throughout autumn. Fruit fly will continue to move out of urban areas and into rural locations throughout March in search of food. Continued vigilance is required by gardeners, property owners and growers with Queensland fruit fly likely to remain active until May or June.

The delay in annual peak temperatures saw summer fruit fly peaks recorded later than normal, with the spike in fruit fly numbers fuelled by a wet summer.

Stop the spread of fruit fly

A combination of simple control strategies is recommended to help stop the spread:

  • Protect with netting, bags or sleeves to prevent fruit fly reaching fruit
  • Inspect fruit regularly
  • Pick and remove fallen or rotten fruit
  • Harvest fruit early or as it ripens
  • Apply baits or approved insecticide sprays to kill fruit fly
  • Use traps to monitor for and kill fruit fly – check traps regularly
  • Apply baits or approved insecticide sprays to kill fruit fly

Hot spot alert

A number of locations have been identified as sites of concern through the Goulburn Murray Valley regional trapping grid.

The below hot spots are at the highest alert and every property owner needs to take immediate action:






If you live in or near the below hot spot locations extra caution and control measures are required.








Free Fruit Tree Removal Program Open

The removal of unmanaged fruit fly habitat eliminates potential breeding grounds and is an effective option to control fruit fly. If you have a fruit tree you no longer want or can’t manage, have it removed free of charge. Pick up an application form from participating council’s customer service centre or visit www.fruitfl

Fruit fly control

Fruit fly control across home gardens, urban properties and orchards will help reduce the spread of fruit fly in our region.