Autumn activity essential

Left-over fruit found on trees and the ground, together with benign weather conditions play a role in supporting the survival of Queensland fruit fly throughout autumn. It is important that late fruiting plants are managed in both rural and urban areas post harvest. Even fruit that has fallen to the ground, will be targeted. If autumn populations can be managed successfully then fruit fly numbers next season will also be down, allowing for easier management of the pest next spring.

Post harvest hygiene

The removal of damaged and unwanted fruit is essential as it reduces places that females can sting and minimises the possibility of new generations of fruit fly developing. Post harvest removal and destruction of fruit can also have benefits in relation to orchard disease management and control of other pests. Broadening your response to controlling fruit fly and addressing other pests and disease by mulching and bait spraying in orchards and host plants situated around your farm buildings, will help control fruit fly pests and disease for the coming season.

Controlling fruit fly

Fruit fly activity will continue through autumn, despite temperatures becoming too cold for trapping. The first half of autumn in particular will see the continuation of mating, egg laying and larval development.

Essential control activities include:

  • Check fruit for fruit fly infestation
  • Carry out after harvest clean-up
  • Keep house gardens, creek banks, compost heaps and nearby roadsides clear
  • Notify authorities of nearby untended or feral fruiting plants
  • Remove unwanted host trees and plants
  • Ensure traps, lures, toxicants, approved pesticides, baits and application equipment are in supply and good condition.

Extra caution

The below sites still have substantial fruit fly populations present and are of concern. It is important that orchards and property owners in these areas take precautions to reduce the ability of fruit fly to infest fruit and survive.

• Cobram

• Kaarimba

• Grahamvale

• Shepparton east

• Shepparton

• Orrvale

• Mooroopna

• Merrigum

• Kyabram

• Undera

• Tatura

• Tatura east

Fruit fly control

Fruit fly control across home gardens, urban properties and orchards will help reduce the spread of fruit fly in our region. Scan the below QR code or visit for more information about fruit fly management.